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My three BIGGEST lessons of 2016!!!

January 30, 2017
Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hey Guys!😄

View of Lake Kivu from Amashuza Springs in Rwanda
I am overwhelmed at the level of sincere concern I received with regards to my last post. By no means was I sharing what I was going through in order for people to feel pity or sorry for me, not. at. all! I mean I don’t even feel sorry for myself. I guess ‘hate’ really is a strong word, however I do feel that sometimes you simply need to get some things off your chest in order for you to move on with clarity. Some situations tend to act as obstacles in our lives, that prevent us from moving forward unless we deal with them efficiently; and I guess my last post was simply a way for me to get ‘unstuck’, and move forward. And so I would just like to thank everyone for all the concern and lovely messages of encouragement; you are extremely appreciated!And you did cheer me up!So thank you all so much!
On a lighter note, I feel that every year is a milestone in its own way. Every year brings with it different experiences that leave us with essential skills and lessons that allow us to be better sailors for the years to come. However at the commencement of this year, I realized that there were so many important lessons I had learnt that I wasn’t putting into practice. And so I thought well what is the point of knowledge if it is not manifested into action? Hence by sharing these with you, I see that as the first step towards implementing these specific lessons into my life, and I hope you all benefit from them.
Don’t be afraid to dream big.
Often times we have epiphanies that open our minds to amazing ideas, goals and dreams. But even more often times we end up dismissing those ideas because deep down we simply don’t believe that those dreams can come true. We dismiss the idea of success even before we try, with excuses such as ‘that’s a dumb idea, that’s been done before, she’s already doing it much better than I ever will, I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m too busy,’…and the list is endless.
All these excuses simply amount to the fact that we’re frankly afraid of failure, of getting hurt. Which is essentially the point of fear, it’s to protect us from pain. But wouldn’t you rather live your dream and fail while at it than not try at all and live with what if’s? Remember, if your dreams don’t scare you then you’re not dreaming big enough. Your ideas are not stupid and even if someone else is already doing it, no one can do it like you. All you have to do is trust and believe in your worth and you’re halfway there.
Keep grinding and stay patient
It can get quite frustrating when you’re working extremely hard at something and it simply isn’t panning out. It makes you want to quit, and soon enough you start to doubt yourself and your worth. I have found that it is these moments that make the most essential parts of the journey. You see, anyone can have the will to wake up in the morning and get excited for work, and put in extra hours when they actually see the results that they want, when life is going good.
However when you don’t see the results you expect and yet you’re giving it all you’ve got, what you do at that moment makes all the difference. When you keep working at your goal, remain patient and remind yourself that great things take time, that already sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Understand that you are you, your journey is different from everyone else’s and so there’s no point in comparison or competing, because ultimately it’s the person you become throughout the journey that really matters.
You make the best year/time of your life.
It’s all up to you. You can blame and point fingers at everyone else, you can complain and whine and cry, but ultimately it is you who has to do the work. No one is going to change your situation for you; no one is going to give you the best year or experience of your life. You have to make it happen. You have to figure things out. And you know what? It doesn’t matter how long it takes because you already have everything you need within you. All need to do now is believe, and begin.

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