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Shop Cheap Look Rich #SCLR Episode 1: Why I Love to Thrift!

May 21, 2017
Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh.
Hey Guys!!!😘
First of all I love the hunt. I’m aware that may sound somewhat strange but in all honesty I find the whole process of going to Kongowea or Toi market and ploughing through crowds of people and piles of clothes quite thrilling. To some extent, it reminds me of the treasure hunts we used to play back in the day, so we could say it ignites some level of reminiscence. Moreover, you honestly never know what kind of treasures you’ll find!

All the stuff you get is unique. I’m the type of person who loves to wear pieces that are very distinctive because I feel that it helps to make your style more personalized. That Kenya Uniform life is just not for me, unless it’s Supreme then I’m all about it; can you blame me?


These Charles David platform shoes remind me of Lizzie Mcguire😊

It’s cheap; it’s that plain and simple! I know the word cheap has a negative connotation in today’s society because it generally means you’re poor or as I like to say, struggling (which I am if we’re being honest). But honestly there is no shame in admitting that you cannot afford a particular item, there’s no shame in living within your means, especially when you’re young and cannot afford to be spending all your money on expensive sh!t. It simply means you’re being responsible. Furthermore, even when you get to that level where you can afford to buy expensive sh!t, you might still want to go thrifting because it’s convenient and you get to save the extra cash. And who doesn’t like to save?

Converse cause I’m basic 🙋

Most items are high quality (if you know how to pick ‘em) and in good condition. I can honestly say that a lot of the items I thrift are usually of really good quality and thus last a lifetime if taken well care of. And when they don’t last as long as you expected them to, it doesn’t hurt as much because you didn’t spend a fortune on them! It’s truly the best deal ever.

I’m not into brands but…Clarks anyone?

Thrifting allows you get creative and expressive with your style. Mtumba Hawkers and stalls are notorious for some pretty intricate and peculiar pieces. Compare that to stores which most of the time will hold clothing items that are trending in the mainstream fashion industry, which we could say leads one to conform rather than express.

These Airwalk slip on shoes are the most comfortable inventions ever!
While I do understand the paradox that surrounds second hand clothing and African economies in terms of the decline of African clothing industries, I believe there is a middle path to be found such that thrifting markets and local clothing industries can co-exist in harmony. I know I got a little bit ‘International relations’ there but…yeah, it was my major can you blame me?
Where my laptop lives lately because I have to carry it to work, lol my life.
All items copped for less than Ksh.600 cumulatively at Kongowea Market Mombasa. 

So, what do you guys think about thrifting? Is it a hell yeah or a hell to the naw naw? Personally, i think it’s a hell yeah. Atleast until I can afford to chop money left right and centre!


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