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Eid Vibes and ootd!

July 2, 2017

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh

Hi Guys!!!

Ramadhan literally came and went in the blinking of an eye. One moment I was trying to focus on Ramadhan and get the best out of it, and the next I was preparing for Eid!Which also happened to be such an abrupt event considering I had to travel to Nairobi in time for Eid, and then quickly rush back to Mombasa for work. 


I celebrated Eid in Nairobi which is basically my Shagz, atleaset on my mother’s side.This Eid was exceptionally special because it was the first time the whole Nubian community in Kibra got to pray together,on the same day and in one communal place.It was honestly such an inspiring sight and I couldn’t help but wonder why it had taken so many decades to finally come together as one people.Anyway, I guess better late than never!

Eid Swalah at Kibira Primary in Kibra,Nairobi.

This Eid was also the first Eid without my late grandma.Eid was always such a huge event at our place because we would receive a tonne of visitors who basically came to see my Habuba.This year, it felt less festive and I guess adding on to the fact that I missed my grandma a little but more than usual, the fact that  we didn’t receive as many visitors made her absence even more apparent.


Eid is always that time of the year when you get to see family members from all corners of the globe,friends you haven’t seen in ages and even make new friends.And I guess this time,because Grandma (may Allah (sw) have mercy on her) wasn’t there, there were less relatives and friends to see.But oh well, life happens like that sometimes and we simply have to adjust,keep going and make new memories and traditions.This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy my Eid, on the contrary, I had an amazing Eid especially because I got to rekindle a lost relationship that was once upon a time very important to me,all in the spirit of Eid-ul Fitri!😀


Ofcourse one of the best parts about Eid is all the new garb we get to rock. For this Eid I decided to go for something other than the classic black abaya which is this beautiful Beige and whatever type of blue this is,open abaya.Although this abaya is open, it’s actually attached to the dress that it comes with.The dress is however not a full dress but actually only covers the front while the abaya covers the rest.The pearl detail also adds a subtle elegance to this absolutely gorgeous abaya, and while I’m head over heels inlove with the pearls, it’s the colours that I’m truly obsessed with!



 I hope you guys had an amazing Ramadhan followed by a fantastic Eid Mubarak!Ps. Eid celebrations are still going on in Mombasa, I think they’ll be coming to an end tomorrow,talk about a stretch lol!Anywho Eid Mubarak!

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